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Medical Termination of Pregnancy 

An unplanned pregnancy usually is a stressful event and requires some decision making. Continuing with a pregnancy requires consideration of social, financial, health and relationship circumstances. Terminating a pregnancy is now more available and acceptable in Australia. Termination of pregnancy can be either by a surgical procedure under sedation or by self-administered medication in your own home with a supportive adult.


Medication termination can be managed by your GP, and first needs to be accurately dated using an ultrasound. At Bondi Road Doctors we can offer ultrasound as part of the consultation. The ultrasound needs to firstly be able to locate the pregnancy or gestational sac in the uterine cavity. If this is too early then the scan cannot locate a clear pregnancy sac. If the pregnancy is dated over 9 weeks then medical termination is not an option. Currently in Australia, the medical abortion pills are only licenced up to 9 weeks pregnancy.

The best time to attend for a medical termination is between 5-6 weeks and 8.5 weeks from the last period. If your menstrual cycle is irregular then best attend for an ultrasound for dating so that options can be discussed.


Its often confusing as pregnancies all over the world are measured form the first day of the last menstrual cycle. So really the first 2 weeks of a pregnancy is still part of the normal cycle before conception and implantation. So even if a person knows the date of conception, the pregnancy is dated 2 weeks longer.


Once the assessment and consent form have been worked through then the prescriptions are issued. The Termination medical is for 2 steps , first step to end the pregnancy (with little or no symptoms) and the second step to induce cramping and bleeding to empty the uterus. The second step involves about 4 hours of cramping and bleeding and is timed so that you have that day free from work and responsibilities. You will also need to arrange for a supportive adult to be with you for that time.


A blood test is done before the termination and again 1 week later to confirm that the process is successful. Your urine pregnancy test should be negative 3 weeks after step 2.


This is a great opportunity to revisit your contraceptive options and find something that’s suits you.


Here at Bondi Road Doctors, we can help you consider your options and discuss your medical needs for managing an unplanned pregnancy. We have an ultrasound on site to assess the dating of an early pregnancy and guide you through the next steps regardless of your choices.

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