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Gender Affirmation Treatment

This information is about gender affirmation treatment, a significant process undergone by many individuals seeking to align their gender identity with their physical appearance. Our objective is to provide clear and concise guidance to aid in understanding the complexities of gender affirmation treatment, identifying contributing factors to its necessity, and exploring effective strategies for accessing appropriate care, managing the transition process, and promoting overall psychological and emotional well-being.

What is Gender Affirmation Treatment? 

Gender affirmation hormone treatment, also known as hormone replacement therapy (HRT), is a medical intervention used to align an individual's physical characteristics with their gender identity. It involves the administration of hormones to induce secondary sexual characteristics consistent with the individual's gender identity. 

Individuals seeking gender affirmation hormone treatment may include:

  • Gender dysphoria: Discomfort or distress caused by a misalignment between one's gender identity and assigned sex at birth. 

  • Desire for physical changes: Individuals who identify as trans, non binary, gender diverse may experience a strong desire for changes such as breast development, facial hair growth, or changes in body fat distribution. 

The decision to undergo gender affirmation hormone treatment is based on an individual's very personal feelings about their gender identity, which usually differs from their assigned sex at birth. Gender identity is a deeply felt sense of being male, female, or something else, and may not necessarily align with biological sex characteristics. The extent of gender transition is a personal and individual decision.  


Diagnosis of gender dysphoria, the condition often prompting gender affirmation hormone treatment, is based on evaluation and assessment of an individual's experiences, thoughts, and feelings regarding their gender identity. The decision to start hormone therapy is often clear for an individual and is something they have been researching and considering for a long time. Some medical evaluation may also be conducted to assess overall health and readiness for hormone therapy as well as fully informed consent. 

Treatment & Medications: 

Gender affirmation hormone treatment typically involves the administration of hormones to induce physical changes consistent with the individual's gender identity. Hormones used in this treatment may include: 

  • Estrogen: Administered to individuals assigned male at birth (AMAB) to promote breast development, soften skin, and reduce body hair. 

  • Testosterone: Administered to individuals assigned female at birth (AFAB) to deepen voice, increase muscle mass, and promote facial and body hair growth. 

  • Surgery is sometimes  

Most individuals undergoing gender affirmation hormone treatment are relieved and satisfied with the changes. Monitoring of signs, symptoms and hormone levels with your doctor mean that this is safe and effective. Many individuals report improvements in mental well-being and quality of life as they align their physical characteristics with their gender identity. 

How Bondi Road Doctors Can Help: 

At Bondi Road Doctors, we offer comprehensive care for individuals undergoing gender affirmation hormone treatment. Our experienced healthcare providers can assess your needs, discuss treatment options, and provide support throughout your gender transition journey. 

Whether you're considering hormone therapy, have questions about the process, or require ongoing monitoring and support, we're here to help.


To take the first step toward aligning your physical characteristics with your gender identity and ensure you receive the best care for gender affirmation hormones, our experienced doctor is available for appointments. The following doctors have a particular interest in the condition: 

Dr. Catherine Insley - Book Now 

Dr Belinda Watson - Book Now

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