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We have implemented a number of changes at the practice to minimise the risk of coronavirus spreading and to protect patients and staff. These include physical changes to the waiting and consultation rooms, frequent cleaning and disinfection and asking patients about symptoms or recent travel or exposure to coronavirus when booking and arriving at the practice. We are also setting up dedicated times and areas for different types of appointments to further decrease risk.


Telehealth Appointments


We are asking patients to minimise in person visits to the practice wherever safe and possible. We understand that some issues require an examination or for patients to attend in person, but many issues can be managed via a telehealth appointment. This will allow us to provide care and services to patients but minimise risk as much as possible to other patients.


Some appointments cannot be booked online at this time, and when calling the practice, we will suggest a telehealth appointment wherever possible. If at this time, or when discussing with your doctor, an in-person appointment is required we will arrange for you to come in.

Wherever possible we will bulk bill a telehealth appointment where a patient is eligible under Medicare criteria. If you are experiencing financial hardship at this difficult time please let us know.

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