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East Sydney Doctors Clinical Trials team each have a number of years experience in working in clinical trials.  Each member brings experience from the pharmaceutical and health care industry.  Their combined therapeutic areas of experience includes diabetes, Sexual Health, Neurology, Cardiology, gastro-intestinal, oncology etc.

Information for Sponsors/collaborators:

  • East Sydney Doctors Clinical Trials Unit offers extensive clinical experience in a range of clinical trials.

  • ESD employs dedicated, motivated and confident employees from a variety of disciplines.

  • ESD have a number of dedicated GPs with a strong interest and years of experience in trials.

  • ESD have a large patient data base to assist in the recruitment of patients in a variety of studies offered by the various sponsors/collaborators.

  • ESD Clinical Trials Unit provides Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Organisations with dedicated facilities which meet the needs and requirements for conducting clinical trials.

The Clinical Trials Unit offers:

  • Restricted access to all clinical trial materials

  • Temperature monitored product storage

  • Purpose built consulting rooms

  • Facilities for sponsor company monitors (internet access, access to isolated electronic medical records etc)

  • Critical clinical and emergency care with access to St Vincent’s Hospital

For more information about conducting trials at East Sydney Doctors please send and email to or call 02 9332 2531.

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